One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is Stonehenge. I finally visited this place over the summer. It wasn’t a particulaly nice day – it rained, as usual – but it was still a great couple hours. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
I didn’t realise how far out it was. You pay to enter, and then you can catch the bus or walk – we caught the bus as this was actually a pit stop on our journey home from Devon – but we spent quite a while walking around.
SAM_7943.JPGIt’s fascinating to see. To think that all those years ago, people managed to place these rocks uprght here, without the use of the technology that we know today.
The museum was really interesting – there was even a skeleton found around the site that was about 3000 years old. I’m not sure I agree with the skeleton being in a museum, as it should be kept in it’s resting place, but it was still really interesting to read about.


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