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Burton Agnes Hall is an Elizabethan stately home in Burton Agnes near Driffield (East Yorkshire, UK). The site actually dates back long before Elizabethan times, going as far back as to the year 1100; but the manor house now standing was built in the 1600s.

It’s beautiful; inside and outside.




SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe gardens are huge. There’s a forest area where you can walk and see wooden sculptures as well as a couple other little surprises. There’s the main grassed garden outside the house with the little water feature which looks absolutely beautiful. There is then also the walled gardens, with a little maze, plants and at the end, big games for people to play, such as chess and snakes and ladders.

The garden with the water feature was my favourite. It was a sunny, warm day, and the house looked amazing against the blue sky, and the garden was fresh and well kept and I just loved walking around imagining what it would be like to own such an estate.


I didn’t actually see the whole garden, as the walled gardens were very flowery – which looks beautiful – but also make hayfever really fun to deal with! But I felt like I could have sat in parts of those gardens forever, just sitting and enjoying the sun, watching the water and the fish swim around in it.


I visited Burton Agnes, not only because it is a really interesting visit, but because I’d been as a child in primary school and had never forgotten it. I remember visiting it, and being told how it was haunted – I also remember the gardens and the beauty of the house – but as a kid, I mainly remembered the ghost story.
In the 1600’s, Sir Henry Griffith had Burton Agnes built, and it is his daughter that haunts the house. She sadly died, and wanted to be kept in the house, but she was buried outside and because of this she haunted the house until her skull was removed from her grave and kept in the house. Her skull is still supposed to be in the house in the wall of the Great Hall – but the place is still supposed to be haunted! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe interior of the house is absolutely amazing. The house has been passed down the generations, and the family still actually live in parts of the house, so only a bit of the house is open to the public, but the house is also very well maintained and authentic to the history. You can see the different periods of history in the decor, some rooms still look Tudor while others look Georgian, and some Victorian. It’s really interesting to see the different rooms.
In some rooms, there are painting of the previous owners, typical old paintings that looks amazing on the coloured and wooden walls. In other rooms, there are photo frames with photos of the more modern owners, and I think it’s a great contrast seeing all the people who have lived in this house throughout the years.

The staircase leading to upstairs is amazing. I’ve always loved a grand staircase, marble SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESor wooden, because they are just not built like this anymore. I can always imagine walking up and down it in a grand gown and nice shoes, I love it.

I think I’ve always loved staircases like this, not only because I absolutely love history, but also because it reminds me of one of my favourite childhood movies – Tom’s Midnight Garden (the book is also good!).

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe King and Queen’s bedroom are upstairs – the Queen’s bedroom is one that is suppose to be haunted – as well as a couple other room, and again, these rooms show the difference in the decor of the time period. The bedrooms look more Tudor times, while one of the drawing rooms looks to be later, 1700-1800 sometimes. It’s really intersting to see the difference in the room, the Tudor rooms feeling and looking much darker, while the later rooms are much brighter. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESEach room in the house just brought such a different feel to it, and each room was so different that it could almost feel like a different house depending on which room you were in. Some rooms had a David Hockney painting in, while others had an art sculpture in, some had a huge Tudor bed and Tudor paintings, and some had a Victorian grandfather clock in a Victorian style room; yet none of it felt really out of place, it all seemed to fit the feel and look of the house. It’s kept very authentic feeling, while also having a few modern bits for the family that still live there today.

I’d absolutely recommend visiting Burton Agnes Hall if possible, I’d love to go again as I’m sure I’ll have missed some detail in the house. Even the ceilings have an incredible amount of detail on them, and the longer you look, the more little details you notice. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

There’s a couple little gift shops as well as a cafe, and you do have to pay to enter Burton Agnes, but it is absolutely worth it.


The gardens are beautiful, the house is amazing, and you could definitely spend a full day there! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



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