Paddling My Cares Away

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI love the beach, and I love the sea.
I’m lucky enough to live near the beach, I actually live within an hours drive of about 5/6 different beaches.
And I love it.

There’s something about feeling the sea splashing over my feet and legs that I love. It’s like I can just relax a little. Standing onthe shoreline, looking out to where the sky and see meet, feeling the cold water around my ankles, listening to the sea and the birds; it just instantly makes me smile.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI went to Scarborough over the weekend, and it was such a lovely hot day. I wish I’d brought my wetsuit to swim, but I had to settle for paddling instead.
The beach itself was so full, that we went to the end of the bay and paddled where the tide was in against the boat ramps.
I’ve never seen the sea so clear in Scarborough, it looked beautiful – I even saw a crab at the bottom it was so clear.
It felt so nice to have the sun on my back, the cool sea splashing against my legs, just watching the sun glisten against the water.
It just felt so lovely, to feel the see on my feet as I feel so at home and relaxed by the sea.



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