An Evening in Edinburgh.

19458414_10210866472192828_1121906706_nAs stated in my previous post, I decided to stay in Edinburgh, Scotland for a few days a couple weeks ago.

I’ve said before, I absolutely love Scotland. So booking Edinburgh made me so, so happy! I’d just finished my first year as a history student at university – and passed! – and I just felt that I was treating myself, and letting my hair down a little.Finally attempting to relax.



The first evening in Edinburgh, we walked around Princes Street Gardens, seeing the Scotts Monument. We had a fantastic view of Edinburgh Castle where the sun was setting against it. It was there, where I realised just how J.K. Rowling was inspired for Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter. It looked beautiful.


When I finally got into bed on the first evening in Edinburgh, I laid down in my bed, ready to attempt sleep when I actually listened to the outside. I could hear the bagpipes playing. I love the bagpipes, and listening to them while laying in bed just made me insanely happy. I just remember thinking to myself ‘You’re in Scotland. On a holiday you booked yourself to celebrate getting through the last couple years of stress; and you are listening to the bagpipes as you watch the sunset against the Balmoral Hotel’. I probably looked really weird grinning to myself there.
The bagpipes soon turned into annoying singing though as the guy started murdering a David Bowie song! But he soon went to bed (or a different bar), the sun eventually set (just about), and I got a couple hours sleep (finally). SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES*I didn’t actually get any picture of the sun setting against the Balmoral Hotel from my window, so this is one I took of another building along Princes Street before going back to my room*.


The next evening was my favourite. I’d gotten used to the city centre, knew my way around a little, and it was another warm, sunny evening.
I decided to have a walk along The Royal Mile, it was around 9pm, so it was a lot emptier than it had been during the day, and I really loved it.
We stopped for a cup of tea in a nice cafe, and walk further down the Royal Mile that we had done during the days. We went past the John Knox House – which is what made me visit back the next day to go inside – and I just had a nice walk in the fresh air.

I don’t think I can convey how beautiful the city actually is. I’d heard about how lovely it is, but seeing it there, and feeling the atmosphere, I loved it so much. Maybe I’m biased because I know I love Scotland so much already, but I still think it is beautiful.


I’m not usually one for poses, I get way to embarrassed and self conscious. But I just thought stuff it, I’m not going to be coming here often, and I did it! And I really do like this picture, because it just reminds me of how happy I was there.

That evening was so nice, I realised that I definitely didn’t want to go home, and if I could have afforded to stay a couple more nights I absolutely would have done!




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